Our History

Like the South Saskatchewan river that runs through the community we’ve called home since the 1940’s, we’ve been a familiar presence in the lives of ‘Hatters and those in Southeastern Alberta.

Originally called Star Meat and Grocery in the mid 1940’s, then Mook & Sons in the early 70’s, Mook Holdings Ltd in the 80’s, and finally known as Mook Fabrics since the late 1990s. From the Star Meat and Grocery days up until the 80’s, we operated continuously out of a corner store / home garage location in the River Flats area of Medicine Hat.

Today, we’ve evolved and expanded our Headquarters in Medicine Hat from that one small garage into 30,000 square feet of fabrics and textiles for retail and wholesale. We’ve also grown beyond Alberta to having an expanded location in Oak Bluff, Manitoba for retail and wholesale and 2 locations in Pennsylvania which serve the Amish and Mennonite communities as well as our wholesale customers all over the United States.

While our business has expanded to meet the needs of local and international customers,  our values and commitment remain rooted in the community. And our phone number has not changed since at least 1957. Hard to get more local than that.


Sales Reps

Please feel free to contact any of the below sales reps to place an order or for more information on our products and services. If your area is not listed please contact Head Office.

Mook Fabrics is actively seeking sales representation across Canada and the US. Please email careers@mookfabrics.com if interested.

Canada (Wholesale)

Dorcas Showalter -Southern Ontario
Phone: 519.314.0117

Tom Saunders -Manitoba, Western Ontario
Phone: 403.502.0288

Lenny Rebner – Quebec
Phone: 514.806.9509

Margaret Stuwe -BC, AB, SK, and Atlantic Canada
Phone: 403.977.2533

USA (Wholesale)

Jerry Kjeldahl – Minnesota, North and South Dakota
Phone: 612.991.8263

Scott Reed – New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Phone: 717.682.3899